Metal T-Bar Clothesline with Galvanized Pole

Grange Ironcraft supply and deliver heavy duty clothes lines, wall mounted clothes lines and washing lines,  across Munster. We also supply clothing line, washing lines, retractable outdoor clothes line and clotheslines on a  delivery only basis nationwide.

Payment by cheque, cash or paypal

Type 1: Two T-bar poles with pulleys and ropes and winders

Type 2: Two single poles with pulleys and ropes and winders

Type 3: Bolt to wall of your house with single or double lines with pulleys, ropes and winders

  • All clotheslines delivered within one week of order
  • Free delivery
  • Fitting service available in specific areas
  • Clothesline are designed for permanent installation into the ground with concrete
  • Max distance between poles is 30 Feet

 ***Special Offer ***

Type 1 Clotheline which includes:
  • 2 T-Bars
  • Pulleys
  • Ropes
  • Winders
All for an Amazing – €160 Delivered Nationwide!!! Click here to order today

Did you know…

  • the clothes line, clotheslines can save you money?
  • electric dryers use 5 – 10 percent of residential energy?
  • clothes and sheets smell better when hung outside?
  • solar dryers save energy, thus preventing pollution?
  • fabrics last longer when air dried?
  • spending a few minutes out in the sun is good for your skin?

One of the main goals of Grange Ironcraft is to help educate people in the use of washing lines, wall clothes line,  garden clothes line,  pulley clothes line and clothes lines poles as we feel this small piece of household equipment can help make a difference in home energy requirements, which saves money for the home owner and also helps the planet at the same time.

Only high quality heavy duty and retractable clothesline and washing lines products are sold through Grange Ironcraft, which has developed and adapted the engineering of our T-bar clothes line, outdoor retractable clothes line, clothes lines wall mounted, indoor clothes line retractable and washing lines over the last 24 years.